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DANGO & DIENENTHAL relies on a tradition of more than 145 years. In 1865 the craftsmen August Dango und Louis Dienenthal founded the company as a non-ferrous foundry. Around the turn of the last century DANGO & DIENENTHAL started to manufacture specialized machinery for the metallurgical industry. Qualified engineers, a modern mechanical workshop and a specialized assembly shop care for reliable quality and the constant development of our product range. The tradition of iron mining goes back to the Celtic habitation in the region, approx. 2500 years ago.

Excavations have discovered smelting furnaces made of mud and located on steep slopes which used the natural upward air current as combustion air and were thus able to attain smelting temperatures in excess of 1000°C. The long tradition of iron works in the Siegerland came to an end by closing of the last mine in 1962. The brass foundry worker and metal lathe operator AUGUST DANGO and the foundry worker LOUIS DIENENTHAL didn’t lack either ability. Both made full use of the boom of the so called era of promoterism with the objective of becoming their own masters.

To have ideas is one thing,
but to put them into
practice quite another.