Apprenticeship at DDS – strong and convincing

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We offer apprenticeships for the following jobs:

Commercial Jobs
Industrial Clerk (f/m)

Industrial Jobs
Cutting Machine Operator (f/m)
Industrial Mechanic (f/m)
Mechatronic Technician (f/m)

Technical Jobs
Technical Product Designer (f/m)

Dual Course of Study
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering

We offer:

  • High quality apprenticeship
  • Integration into a modern international company
  • Modern work environment in all areas (industrial, commercial and technical jobs)
  • Involvement in the current production and development process
  • Theoretical and practical training also together with apprentices of other companies for exchange of experiences and more efficiency
  • Excursions (preferential to the plants of our customers)
  • Foreign internships (South Africa, USA, China, India, Japan)
  • The chance for a long-term perspective

Our expectations:

  • Politeness and friendliness
  • Good knowledge of the German Language
  • Basics of mathematics
  • Interest in science (industrial and technical jobs)
  • Basic knowledge of economic interdependencies
  • Knowledge of English language
  • Media literacy with interest of politics and culture
  • Reliability as well as motivation and willingness to learn
  • Tolerance and ability to handle conflicts
  • Diligence and quality awareness
  • Ability to work independently and readiness to take on responsibility
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Willingness to cooperate and ability to work in a team

Further details can be obtained from the DDS training brochure (only available in German language).

DDS training brochure

Apprentices for 2016 were already selected. If you are interested to start an apprenticeship in 2017 please send your complete application papers by e-mail to:

Contact Persons: Iris Fritz and Katrin Hentschel

Closing date for applications: 16.06.2017