As a midsize company with national and international locations,
DANGO & DIENENTHAL is known as provider of excellent quality and excellent service since generations.
In order to offer our customers high quality products and best serve furthermore, we always search for qualified and high-capacity suppliers and service providers.

Suppliers should have:
• A constant high level of quality
• Competitive market prices
• Reliability and entrepreneurial flexibility
• Willingness working together to improve products, processes
and treatments in order to build a longtime business
relationship based on partnership.

If you are interested working on these aims, please send us the
Supplier Application Form

Our range of needs:

  • Mechanical Engineering:
    Complete Package: Mechanical Engineering and Plant Engineering, Assembly Manufacturing and Components Manufacturing
  • Mechanics:
    Driving Elements, Bearings, Connection Parts and Standard Components
  • Fluid:
    Aggregates, Control Block, Hoses, Tubes, Valves, Hydraulic Cylinders, Revolute Joints, Hydro Motor, Hydro Pumps, Gear Boxes
  • Raw Material:
    Cast Iron, Welded Parts, Forgings, Flame Cut Parts, Semifinished Products
  • Services:
    Engineering, Assembly, Mechanical Processing, Finishing
  • Manufacturing Supplies / Energy / Non-productive Services:
    Office Supplies, Computing, Software / Hardware, Tools, Work Materials, Building Cleaning, Energy
  • Electrical Engineering:
    Complete Controls, Switch Cabinet Constructions, Programming


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