Engineering and Manufacturing of Machines and Plants for
Handling and Heat Treatment of Steel / Forging Industry

Our range of services:

  • Individual consultancy
  • Engineering and planning of complete machines and plants
  • Manufacturing and erection
  • Commissioning
  • After Sales Service

Transport and Handling:

  • Travelling in X-, Y- and Z-direction
  • Rotation around any axis
  • Complete automation

Heat Treatment Process:

  • Fast transport from furnace to quenching pool
  • Optimization of cycle times
  • Control of process parameters e.g. temperature and time
  •  Reproducible process because of automation
  • Monitoring und documentation of the whole process

Innovative solutions for installation of a new plant
Construction, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of a new fully automated annealing plant.
The equipment guides the product through a cooling line to a furnace and then into the quenching pools.
After quenching annealing is possible. All process parameter are continuously monitored and recorded.

Technical development and modification of an existing plant

Enlargement of the ring rolling process with a laser measuring device. For this purpose a turning table was installed and the pulling device renewed.