Closed-die forging

Transport manipulators and robots for all handling operations between the furnaces and the presses are the basis for perfect time management in closed-die forging. They guarantee short transfer times and minimum temperature losses for our customers while ensuring exact placement of the forged parts in the die and the furnace.

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The mobile transport manipulators of the MTM SERIES are suitable for transporting forgings in the entire forging hall  between furnaces, presses and storage areas for example  and offer a high degree of flexibility.

In contrast to forklifts, they are adapted to the special conditions in the forge: heavy loads, long ranges and high temperatures.

Our rail-bound heavy-load robots of the SLR SERIES are mainly used in automated processes with recurring operations such as the loading and unloading of furnaces. In these cases they are deeply integrated the plant’s production control system.


  •     Precisely contoured workpieces
  •     Minimum forge allowances
  •     Short production times
  •     Minimal remachining in downstream processes
Transportmanipulatoren und Overhead SchwerlastroboterOverhead Schwerlastroboter

Machines for closed-die forging



MTM Series

Mobile Transport Manipulators

Our free-driving transport manipulators are designed for the transfer of ingots, slabs, ring blanks and rings within the forging shop area, for example, to load and unload the furnaces and transfer the forgings quickly and safely between the furnaces and the presses.


SLR Series

Heavy-Load Robots

Heavy-load robots speed up handling, and make it safer and much more reliable than non-robotized operation.



Material Handling Systems

Precise control of the process parameters is crucial in metals forming processes. Therefore, we develop and implement high-precision automatic handling systems that take the components safely from one production stage to the next.


Precision-manufactured components, shortest machining times, less re­machining in downstream processes, more top-quality products:

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