Heat treatment

Exact adherence to the process parameters is crucial in heat treatment – not only in the furnaces but along the entire process chain. This is why we design and supply handling systems for the automated precisely controlled handling of the work pieces between the various process stages.

Always just the right temperature

Also in heat treatment we look at the entire processfrom loading the work piece into the furnace through its controlled quenching in water, a polymer solution or oil. It is extremely important to accurately maintain the required time-temperature curve of each heated component when it is being transferred from one station to the next. 

We design all our handling equipment and systems for heat treatment lines exactly for the application on hand, always choosing the components that are best suited for the specific tasks. We supply charging machines running on rails, crane based machines and even autonomously driving units for loading and unloading the furnaces or for lowering the heated work pieces into the quenching bath.

We integrate our machines into the customer’s master process control system. Here the possibilities range from the control of individual handling components up to the integration and linking with the production and quality data in the higher level production planning system. 


  • Precise adherence to time and temperature windows
  • Exactly reproducible material properties
  • High process reliability

In order to guarantee an optimum balance between the heating, handling and quenching processes our engineers work closely with the other parties involved in a project, the furnace manufacturers for example.

Wärmebehandlung Metall




MTM Series

Mobile Transport Manipulators

Our free-driving transport manipulators are designed for the transfer of ingots, slabs, ring blanks and rings within the forging shop area, for example, to load and unload the furnaces and transfer the forgings quickly and safely between the furnaces and the presses.


SLR Series

Heavy-Load Robots

Heavy-load robots speed up handling, and make it safer and much more reliable than non-robotized operation.



Material Handling Systems

Precise control of the process parameters is crucial in metals forming processes. Therefore, we develop and implement high-precision automatic handling systems that take the components safely from one production stage to the next.


Precision-manufactured components, shortest machining times, less re­machining in downstream processes, more top-quality products:

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