Metal forming

For certain geometries hydroforming is the forming method of choice as it is the only method able to produce these geometries in an economically efficient way.

From the replacement of a sealing to complex retrofits

The central pivotal element is our in-house developed proprietary process control system HydAx16. Based on Siemens S7 controllers it controls up to 16 hydraulically, electrically or pneumatically actuated shafts in the locking tool. As well as the pushing shafts it also controls the punching and ejection of the hydroformed parts. 

The benefits at a glance

  • real-time process control 
  • compatible HMI
  • detailed process analysis
  • comprehensive service

Whether with new installations, revamps or service: building on our decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we make facilities that may need some brush-up – but still have a solid basic structure good to go for many years – fit for the future.

The universal HydAx16 software package controls the actuation of up to 16 hydraulic, electric or pneumatic shafts.

The software visualizes measured values such as the current position, pressure and force values for each individual shaft. All process data are displayed as a X-Y chart for fast, precise and detailed process analysis. 

Plant operators are excited about the way HydAx 16 works: an advanced process control system using the same HMI as the one they know from the operation of their plant.

Operators of older plants may be confronted with the situation that spare parts are no longer available. Or new regulations may force operators to close down a plant because it no longer meets the requirements for approval.

Here retrofitting is a solution: we bring your complete plant up to the current state-of-the-art. We replace equipment such as hydraulic blocks and pressure intensifiers, as well as piping and wiring wherever necessary. We even revamp the control and electrical systems. 

After completion of the project your plant will meet all current requirements in terms of operational and working safety. 

We perform plant relocations on a turnkey basis. This includes all dismantling and disassembly work at the old location as well as assembly and installation at the new site.

As experts in hydroforming technology for decades, our engineers and technicians provide full-line services for hydroforming facilities. These services range from the replacement of seals in cylinders and amplifiers up to comprehensive maintenance agreement that cover the entire plant.

Hydroforming involves frequent tool changes. We design tool changing tables that speed up the mounting and removal of tools for the operator.


Precision-manufactured components, shortest machining times, less re­machining in downstream processes, more top-quality products:

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