Ring rolling

We provide solutions for the complete process chain of ring rolling – from the transfer of the ring blanks and rings to the finish machining of rings up to and including quality control.

Handling of ring blanks

Our stationary and rail-bound SLR robots and our mobile MTM manipulators are designed to transport ring blanks and rings quickly and safely to the various processing stations as required. The high speed at which they operate ensures that the transferred components reach their destinations with the specified temperature an essential prerequisite especially when handling high-alloy grades, which must be processed within a very narrow temperature window. 

Our machines are equipped with a high-precision positioning system that ensures that the forgings always reach the exact location where they are needed next.

Cutting individual rings from rolled ring sleeves

With our innovative ring-cutting machine of the RTM series we have set a new standard in ring production. With this machine the rolled ring sleeve is no longer separated into individual rings by grooving but by sawing.




MSM Series

Mobile Forging Manipulators

Our mobile forging manipulators of the MSM series can be used for a wide range of handling operations: for placing the forgings in the press or under the hammer, for loading and unloading the reheating furnaces and for transferring the forgings from the furnace to the press and vice versa.


MTM Series

Mobile Transport Manipulators

Our free-driving transport manipulators are designed for the transfer of ingots, slabs, ring blanks and rings within the forging shop area, for example, to load and unload the furnaces and transfer the forgings quickly and safely between the furnaces and the presses.


SLR Series

Heavy-Load Robots

Heavy-load robots speed up handling, and make it safer and much more reliable than non-robotized operation.



Material Handling Systems

Precise control of the process parameters is crucial in metals forming processes. Therefore, we develop and implement high-precision automatic handling systems that take the components safely from one production stage to the next.


Precision-manufactured components, shortest machining times, less re­machining in downstream processes, more top-quality products:

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