Deslagging machines

The skimming machines of the SAM Series optimize the deslagging process and increase the steel yield.

Our deslagging machines remove just as much slag from the steel bath as necessary, not more.


The machines enable rapid and targeted deslagging due to their (up to) four independently actuated machine axes and the parallel-lifting system for the vertical movement of the skimming plate. Deslagging a ladle takes just a few minutes.

The immersion depth of skimming plate is controlled automatically. This enures that as much steel as possible remains in the ladle.

Actually, the complete slag raking process can be automated using a camera based system that localizes the slag by means of advanced image processing algorithms and positions the jib with the slag skimmer exactly where slag has to be removed. The benefit is a further boost in metal yield.

The benefits at a glance

  • High actuation speed of all machine axes  
  • High yield of clean steel
  • Automatic operation based on image processing technology available as an option 



More ease of handling

The skimming plate is fixed to the jib head with just two bolts. Therefore, changing the plate can be performed in a matter of minutes.


More safety 

Heat insulating glass protects the operator in the cabin from the high ambient heat making the cabin a safe and comfortable place to work.


More features

Our machines are made to perform under the most demanding operating conditions. Thanks to the use of highly efficient protective sleeves and filters, dust has no chance to enter the hydraulic cylinders.


Better control

The bath surface is displayed in the control room, where the operator can work from a safe distance.

Built for the most challenging environments

More than 100 of our SAM Series slag raking machines prove themselves day after day under the harshest operating conditions in metallurgical plants. 

Our machines are noted for their special design features, which guarantee that the machines work for many years to the full satisfaction of our customers. All sensors and actuators are protected to reliably withstand extreme heat and heavy dust. 

High-precision control

The advanced proportional valve technology of the hydraulic system ensures highly sensitive control and actuation of all machine axes, while being maintenance friendly. 

The hydraulic system is laid out in a way that it can additionally serve other nearby systems – a tilting table or the mechanical actuation of a lance, for example.

Short set-up times

Skimming plates frequently come in the form of simple steel plates. They can be changed very easily as they are fixed to the jib head with just two bolts.

Optionally, water cooled skimming plates are available or even concrete covered plates, which are extremely heat resistant.

More good steel

The deslagging process can be further optimized by using a tilting table, where the ladle is no longer suspended from a crane, but placed in the tilting table. The benefit: the ladle cannot move and the relative position between the ladle and the slag raking machine remains constant during the entire deslagging process. 

A positive side effect is that after placing the ladle in the tilting table, the crane can immediately move out of the high temperature area near the hot ladle.

From joystick to algorithmic control

We supply our SAM slag raking machines with cabin control, remote radio control or for operation from a control room.

Four available operating modes provide maximum flexibility:

  • Manual: The operator controls the entire process from his or her cabin or via remote radio control.
  • Semiautomatic: The process starts with a bath level measurement. The jib adjusts to the measured height and will hold it automatically as it performs the raking movements.
  • Camera-supported: The bath surface is displayed on a monitor allowing the operator to stay at a safe distance from the ladle during deslagging.
  • Automatic: Advanced image processing algorithms analyze images captured by a camera and control the complete deslagging processes automatically.

Safety first

Equipped with efficient heat and noise protection features, the operator cabin provides a safe and ergonomic place to work. Optionally, the cabin can be upgraded with an air conditioning system.

In the event of a power supply failure, the jib will retract automatically. The energy needed for this will be readily available from a hydraulic accumulator.

The tilting table’s center of mass is on the side away from the machine. In case of a failure, all that needs to be done is to open a hydraulic valve and the tilting table will immediately tilt back into its upright position.

Technical data

Max. raking force


Max. lifting height of slag skimmer


Max. vertical lifting height


Tilting angle


Swiveling angle




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