1 Forging Manipulator (Railbound)
2 Forging Manipulator (Mobile)
3 Transport Manipulator
4 Turntable (Stationary)
5 Turntable (Railbound)
For decades now DANGO & DIENENTHAL has been the market leader in the area of forging and handling technology for open-die forges. A great number of challenging reference units worldwide underlines this prominent position. The experts of DANGO & DIENENTHAL are glad to review the needs and requirements of customers to provide a recommendation of the best possible machine type and size to meet their needs and expectations.

The flexible solution

Mobile forging manipulators are suitable for the precise handling of small to very large ingots while forging. In addition, they can be used for transporting the ingots between furnaces and forging presses or hammers.

The integrated solution

In most cases, railbound forging manipulators are solely controlled by the press operator. The manipulator control system is responsible for the entire integration in order to forge always in a reproducible and consistent manner with highest possible precision and efficiency. When two forging manipulators are in use at an open-die forging press, productivity increases depending on the products forged are achieved.