Light in the darkness

Denis Albayrak

The exact measurement of the inner contour is an essential element of quality assurance in the production of longitudinally welded pipes. However, it continues to involve great effort for many of our customers.

This is history now. In cooperation with a partner specializing in laser measuring technology, we have developed the perfect solution, on the basis of "circular laser triangulation".

The new system achieves non-contact high-precision measurement of the internal contour of pipes. It scans the internal contour of the pipe across the entire pipe length, generating a 2D image or, if required, a 3D image of the pipe's inner wall.

It thus permits, on the one hand, measurement of geometry across the entire circumference, detecting ovality, for example, and, on the other hand, it images the individual surface elements, such as the shape of the gap before welding and the contour of the finished weld.

In line with the traditions of our company, the system is designed for the tough conditions of industrial pipe production. With its measuring range of up to 500 mm pipe radius and its high measuring accuracy, our new system ideally meets the pipe industry's needs.

What counts at the end of the day is whether the aimed-at precision has actually been achieved. For this reason, we have added laser measuring technology to our portfolio.