Charging, Stoking & Distribution Machine (Mobile)

CHM Series

Quite often the space on the furnace platform is limited and calls for compact and manoeuvrable vehicles. To meet this request, DANGO & DIENENTHAL machines are equipped with a special lever system which allows a short machine length when the tool arm is retracted.


The machine travels with retracted tool. Only at the working position at the furnace the tool is extended to ensure an utmost reach into the furnace. The operator does not need to leave the control stand to change the stoking tool against the charging box. By means of the box, charging material can be brought to specific points in the furnace.

In case of tube charging, the material can be optimally distributed by the stoking tool. Deep stoking, crushing of slag bridges and opening of gas bubbles is easily possible either by means of the lever system when the machine is in resting position or by utilizing the mass energy when the machine is travelling. The sturdy machine design in combination with the powerful drives ensures the necessary forces and accelerations.


  • electro hydraulic drive with power supply
    via trailing cable or contact line,
    alternatively Diesel hydraulic drive
  • the special lever system ensures a
    short machine length with retracted tool arm
  • changing of tools without manual assistance
  • low overall height
  • high maneuverability thanks to quick-reacting
    and flexible steering and travel performances
  • enclosed driver’s cabin which
    can be equipped with
  • air-conditioning on request hermetically
    sealed hydraulic system
  • excellent view of the operator towards the furnace