Skimming Machine

SAM Series

Most different metallurgical processes call for the precise and quick removal of the slag from the metal bath surfaces in pig iron ladles, steel ladles, furnaces and other metallurgical vessels, particularly as the demands on the quality of the molten and treated metals are constantly rising.


For this application, which mainly occurs in the secondary metallurgical material treatment, DANGO & DIENENTHAL demonstrate with growing success their longtime experience, competency and flexibility as a partner for system solutions around the skimming process in case of many projects throughout the world.

The high quality, reliability and ease of maintenance of our products do not only convince the users of our machines in the steelworks, but make us a competent partner of the market-leading plant manufacturers all over the world.


Our scope of supply for complete skimming stand system solutions covers:

  • design, engineering and manufacture of skimming machines, ladle tilters, auxiliary components including control equipment
  • assembly, commissioning and service work