Forging Manipulator (Railbound)

SSM Series

The productivity of an open-die forge is determined not only by the forging capacity of the press itself but also by the dynamics in handling the forgings.


Railbound Forging Manipulators by DANGO & DIENENTHAL are equipped with high-dynamic drives and are specially designed for operating at heavy-duty forging presses. They ensure reliability and repeatability of all forging cycles. Even an upgrade of existing forging presses with our machines will improve throughput and capacity of these installations.

Our manipulators allow forging near net shapes and guarantee high surface qualities thus saving energy, improving output, and saving cost while machining the workpieces. Savings due to shorter process times and the reduction of reheating cycles result in a shorter payback time.


  • sturdy, customized design
  • powerful tongs unit with large gripping range
  • multiaxis tongs for automatic positioning
  • linear vertical lift
  • high-dynamic rotate and travel drive
  • POSISTABIL principle
  • backlash-free travel drive
  • central lubrification